ROOST!If you are in Portland you must visit ROOST House of Juice ~ at 11 Free Street ~ and try at least one of the many delicious offerings lovingly prepared by my beautiful friends Kathleen Flanagan and Jeanette Richelson. Portland’s only raw food restaurant and all-organic juice bar puts the philosophies of sacred commerce into action: ROOST gets its ingredients from local organic farms and Jeanette and Kathleen incorporate concepts of sustainability, respect and reverence into everything they do. They live this stuff and it tastes like it!

The Portland Press Herald thinks you should check it out, too!

Among the Flux

Take a deepening breath in. On the exhale feel the spirit quieting and holding you until you grow easy. Release the fluxing. Go swimming.

“Swimming, One Day in August” by Mary Oliver*

    It is now, I said,
    for the deepening and quieting of the spirit
    among the flux of happenings.

    Something had pestered me so much
    I thought my heart would break.
    I mean, the mechanical part.

    I went down in the afternoon
    to the sea
    which held me, until I grew easy.

    About tomorrow, who knows anything.
    Except that it will be time, again,
    for the deepening and quieting of the spirit.

*from Red Bird: Poems (Beacon Press, 2008)

Yoga Mechuwana

Blessed to bring a little bit of yoga, meditation, Ghandi and MC Yogi to the kids ~ and their very good-sport counselors ~ of Camp Mechuwana in Winthrop, ME. Founded in the early 1900s, Mechuwana is a United Methodist camp, a place “for persons of all ages [to seek] personal growth and experiences which enhance relationships to God, neighbors, and the natural world.” Sounds like yoga!

12 Steps + 8 Limbs in 4 Weeks

12 Steps + 8 Limbs
 4-week series starts June 1 @ Bhakti in Motion.
Fridays ~ June 1, 8, 15 + 22 ~ 7-8:30am
$10 drop-in; $30 series

Deepen your understanding of the intertwining roots of yoga and recovery, spirtual practices which naturally inform and support each other. Both paths have the power to transform, with willingness, humility, honesty and an open heart as shared cornerstones. Yoga is so much more than physical exercise and the steps are way more than twelve tasks to check as “done,” on the way back to old behaviors.

Yoga’s 8 limbs and recovery’s 12 steps are guidelines on how to live meaningful and purposeful lives. It is up to us to take the action required to transform those lives. Yoga encourages us to try different postures, develop new outlooks, have new experiences, and let go of fears of falling and failing ~ 12-step-based recovery suggests that these attitudes are absolutely essential.

Recovery from addiction is contingent on maintenance of our spiritual condition and the 11th step suggests daily prayer and meditation. We’ll explore yoga breath (pranayama) and postures (asana) as physical prayer and moving meditation. And we’ll try different kinds of meditation (pratyahara), as options for daily 11th-step practices (sadhana).

This series is intended as an introduction, to provide space and opportunity for individual transformational experiences and creation of personal practices ~ and to have some fun along the way.

All levels of yoga practice and modes of recovery welcome ~ always. And if you’ve never taken a yoga class or tried meditation and have never heard of the 12 steps, you are especially welcome. Don’t worry about it. Just come.

MC Yogi

MC Yogi @ The LandingSunday, June 17 @ The Landing in Scarborough
this will rock

yoga* 5-7pm
flowing practice ~ asana, pranayama, poetry, music ~ a sacred journey into the heart

concert 7:30-9:30pm
soul-stirring journey of light and sound ~ hip-hop, reggae, electronica, kirtan

yoga + concert = $50 ($55 after June 8)
yoga only = $35 ($40 after June 8)
concert only = $20 ($25 after June 8)
youths (18 + under) = $10 concert ticket

*BYOYoga mat + water

get it all @
event info: Lisa Silverman | 207 233-6846


When the thinking mind quiets and pure feeling pulses through the body, when what is in us communes with what is around us ~ that is rasa. It’s right there inside, a part of our make-up, just as much as the feeling we have for a friend. Rasa arises during any activity when the heart ~ not the head ~ leads. It doesn’t have to be on a mat or a cushion, but that’s a place to start…
Friday mornings ~ Bhakti in Motion
7am ~ meditation in silence & the heart | 7:30-8:30am ~ yoga for recovery & wellness
~ more info

Walk the Inward Path


Wednesday, April 11
5-6pm ~ yoga for recovery & wellness
6pm ~ labyrinth walk & meditation
185 High Street, Portland [map]
by donation

Last week Patsy and Matt Frey-Davis laid out this labyrinth at Hope.Gate.Way. This week, following yoga practice, we’ll do a special walking meditation with the labyrinth … blessings, everywhere!

Slow your breathing.
Still your mind.
Hear your heart.
Feel the silence.

Not me. Yoga.

Nama ~ as in namaskar, as in namaste ~ is an offering, a bowing, a gesture of humility. Simply put, it means not me ~ and Nama Yoga is for you. Nama’s mission ~ blessing ~ duty ~ love is to offer a space for you to have your own experiences with yoga and meditation.

Once this little blog/site gets stretched out some, it’ll offer suggestions for your meditation and yoga practices, kirtan/chant info, and links to other cool stuff. In the meantime, check out the Nama schedule ~ open to all who are interested in having a new experience, always