Call & Response

The Call & Response Foundation is a nonprofit devoted to serving and expanding the mantra (chant) music community. The sweet little video below highlights the Foundation’s efforts to bring mantra music to 1 million people by 2020. If you can donate even a teensy bit to the cause of sharing sacred sound, of experiencing the healing power of chant with underserved populations (prisoners, mentally ill, addicts…), well that would be lovely.

Call and Response Foundation

Mantra music comes in many forms including kirtan, an ancient Indian practice of call and response chanting that is at the core of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. Chanting has been practiced for thousands of years by diverse cultures and is now undergoing a renaissance in the west. More than just music, group chanting is a contemplative practice in the vein of meditation and yoga. It promotes community, peace and conscious living.

It busts open your heart.

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