ROOST!If you are in Portland you must visit ROOST House of Juice ~ at 11 Free Street ~ and try at least one of the many delicious offerings lovingly prepared by my beautiful friends Kathleen Flanagan and Jeanette Richelson. Portland’s only raw food restaurant and all-organic juice bar puts the philosophies of sacred commerce into action: ROOST gets its ingredients from local organic farms and Jeanette and Kathleen incorporate concepts of sustainability, respect and reverence into everything they do. They live this stuff and it tastes like it!

The Portland Press Herald thinks you should check it out, too!

Among the Flux

Take a deepening breath in. On the exhale feel the spirit quieting and holding you until you grow easy. Release the fluxing. Go swimming.

“Swimming, One Day in August” by Mary Oliver*

    It is now, I said,
    for the deepening and quieting of the spirit
    among the flux of happenings.

    Something had pestered me so much
    I thought my heart would break.
    I mean, the mechanical part.

    I went down in the afternoon
    to the sea
    which held me, until I grew easy.

    About tomorrow, who knows anything.
    Except that it will be time, again,
    for the deepening and quieting of the spirit.

*from Red Bird: Poems (Beacon Press, 2008)